Our Story

In 2016, Co-founder Eric Stopper and his wife Kamali’i found out that they were pregnant with their first baby, but they soon realized that their experience was not going to be a good one. 

The pregnancy was hard like any other – sickness, stress, and anxiety, but when their son​finally arrived on October 8th, 2016 he immediately struggled to breath and weighed only 4 lbs.

Their son was diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury, which required that they put him in a hypothermic coma in order to keep his brain from sustaining any more damage. 

Every day was a battle between life and death, and they were certain that they would lose their son before they ever had the chance to hold him in their arms. 

After 30 days of incredible neonatal care, they were able to bring their son home from the hospital in time for Christmas. 

Because of this hardship, Eric and a few other passionate parents teamed up with university researchers to create Rubi, the world’s first passive wearable pregnancy monitor. 

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“I never want anyone to have to go through what we went through… we have made it our mission to help parents all over the world.”

Eric Stopper

CEO – Rubi 

So Far So Good

100+ Product Tests

Our engineering team has tested nine prototype generations on dozens of women to make a working product

1000+ Testing Hours

We have taken our data through rigorous analysis to make sure we can detect kicks

200+ Interviews

Discussions with hundreds of doctors, midwives, and nurses has helped make rubi what it is today