The World's First Passive Pregnancy Monitor

Monitor Your Baby Without Counting Kicks All Day

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What Is Rubi?

Rubi counts kicks!

Rubi is a wearable pregnancy monitor that uses passive nanotechnology to track baby movement in the third trimester so that you know just how active your baby is!

Doctors recommend kick counting as a way to monitor your baby’s health in the third trimester. Experience stress-free kick counting with Rubi!
Studies show that counting kicks is the number one way to track your baby’s health in the third trimester, better than ultrasound or heart rate. Using nanotechnology, Rubi allows for passive kick tracking via your smartphone.
For women who worry about their pregnancy, rubi is the best way to passively track baby movement without laying down for hours every day.
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How Does Rubi Work?

Stretch Sensors Track Baby Movements using Nanotechnology

As your baby moves around during your third trimester, they cause ripples, vibrations, and many other types of forces that can be hard to keep track of when you are going about your day. Special stretch sensors can track unusual movement patterns and send alerts to your smart phone.

What are the benefits of Rubi?

Peace of Mind

Now you will know exactly when “you last felt the baby move.” Rubi collects data passively all day and sends information to your smart phone when you need it.

Closer Connection

Get to know the way your baby moves by getting updates to your smart phone.

Lower Anxiety

When you forget to count, Rubi has you covered.


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