What is Rubi?

Rubi counts kicks!

Wearable sensors track fetal movement in the third trimester

Many doctors recommend kick counting as a way to monitor your baby’s health in the third trimester.

Scientific studies indicate that counting kicks is an easy, free and reliable way to monitor a baby’s well-being

The most important thing is to count your baby’s kicks every day so you will know what is normal for your baby.

Simple Microcontroller bluetooth rubi exploded view

Elegant Design

Rubi includes a simple bluetooth microchip:

  • Lightweight
  • Magnetic attachment
  • Low Frequency (50hz)
  • Sends baby data to cloud for easy retrieval

Why Rubi?

Peace of Mind

Now you will know exactly when “you last felt the baby move.” Rubi collects data passively all day and sends information to your smart phone when you need it.

Help Your Doctor

You have the opportunity to share your baby’s data with medical professionals to help fuel better obstetric decisions.

Closer Connection

Get to know the way your baby moves by getting updates to your smart phone.


Involve Your Family

Share your baby’s milestones with the push of a button.

Lower Anxiety

When you forget to count, Rubi has you covered.


Save the World

Once your baby is born, you can donate your band to a woman in a developing country.

More questions about Rubi? Send us a message and someone from our service department will reach out within the hour.

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March 22: Launch

Official launch begins!

April 1 - May 1st

Beta Test 2 with early backing moms

May 5 - June 25

Beta Test Algorithm Development

July 1

First Major Manufacturing Run – troubleshooting sensor performance and testing general material quality

August 1

Main Manufacturing Run – Optimize and Test

September 14

Kickstarter “early backer” manufacturing order

October 1

Rubi early backer orders ship from warehouse

October 15

Rubi orders ship from warehouse